How to Track Shooting Stats on Your Mobile Phone

Whether you are a Coach, Parent, Player, or Hobbyiest wouldn’t it be great if you had a tool to easily record basketball shots wherever you are? Well, instead of carrying around paper and pencil now you can use software on your iPhone or iPad. The most simple to get up and running is Basketball Shot Logger and it is available as a FREE install in the App Store. The app very easy to learn and has a lot of great features….Install App

Using Basketball Shot Logger you can analyze shot history from specific games or an entire season. With an intuitive interface you can easily get important stats like:

  • Field Goal %
  • 3PT %
  • Free Throw Attempts
  • Average Points Per Game
  • Comprehensive Shot Charts
  • And much more…

Visit Basketball Shot Logger in the App Store to get it free and let us know what you think. If you have some tips on tracking stats please leave us a comment!


One thought on “How to Track Shooting Stats on Your Mobile Phone

  1. illpoint Post author

    Also, you can track shots after pickup games if you wanna see where your sweet spots are.


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