Basketball Tricks

Basketball Tricks are a great way to have some fun and impress your friends. And on top of that, learning to play around with the ball will help your ball handling skills as well. The more comfortable your are manipulating a basketball, the better you will be off in a real basketball game. Below we have compiled some great basketball tricks and instructions on how to perform them.

Spinning the Ball on Your Finger

One of the classic basketball tricks is spinning the ball on your fingers. Below are instructions and a video where Joe demonstrates the best way to perform the trick.

There are 4 steps:

  1. Spin the ball clockwise with your right hand so that it spins on a vertical axis.
  2. Catch the ball using your middle finger, make the ball land directly on top.
  3. Balance the ball on your finger, keep your finger underneath.
  4. Keep the spin alive by lightly flicking it with your free hand.

As with all tricks, this takes time and patience. It may take you a few hundred tries before you get the ball to land correctly on your finger.

More tricks are coming soon.

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